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Minutes of Landscape Advisory Committee Open Meeting 8/27/2018

Noticed meeting at clubhouse was called to order by Bruce Michener at 7:04 pm, with members Nikki Cohen, Kerrie Parker and Tess Jenkins attending, Bobby Benitez absent. Purpose of meeting was to adjust Committee agenda to support priorities of 2018 Board of Directors. Only Terry Moody and Tammy Wyant were present from the Board, with manager Kathryn Sajdak. Although not representing a Board quorum, as first new business, president Terry Moody appointed Kerrie Parker as Landscaping chairwoman.
In response to the Committee’s report of 8/02/18, Kathryn advised that PPines arborist Granda had agreed to postpone need to replace 6 trees removed in fall of 2017 until December, after hurricane season. Under BOD motions of 3/17/17, the 2017 Landscape Committee had planted new trees beyond the original requirements of mitigation order TR-2016-05, placing them under the order, in case any of the 11 shade trees planted later failed Granda’s inspection or died.
First priority was to trim trees that require pruning to avoid potential hurricane damage for 2018, leaving other trees for pruning next year. The Tree Works bid #1045 for $8,870 was tabled in March by the Board as too costly. It listed 158 trees (more than exist) and also included many palms that are trimmed monthly under contract by our lawn service vendor. In its 8/02/18 report, the Advisory Committee listed 46 trees (based on Tree Work’s descriptions) as essential trim candidates under 2018 budget for total $2,265. Bruce was tasked with taping these trees for identification and then providing the reduced list to 3 licensed arborists who might be available immediately: Tree Works, Bulldog Arborist, and Greenway USA. The reduced “essential” list was revised to 66 trees as counting proceeded. Final results are attached here and were offered to the 3 arborists – minus the cost estimates based on Tree Work’s per tree pricing– on 8/31/18.
Tammy introduced next Board priority as removal of all shrubs from perimeter fence of tot lot, because they block view from outside, representing a hazard if toddlers were ever in peril. Bruce protested that children are not allowed in tot lot without supervising adult; shrubs have been planted along fence for 10 years without incident. The Board wants these shrubs relocated to clubhouse. Removal would not include west silver buttonwoods (classified as trees). Kathryn noted that transplanting shrubs cannot begin until a month after their roots are pruned and the clubhouse sprinkler system fixed.

Terry then introduced third Board priority as removal of ALL bougainvilleas from HLA mini-parks, because their thorns represent an insurance hazard, should any visitor fall into them. Nikki had donated many of the bougainvilleas last year and offered to remove them soon. The seven around the clubhouse pool equipment are to be replaced by 3-gal Copperleaf (acalypha wilkesiana). Bruce noted that closer spacing will encourage faster vertical growth to 6-ft within a year, if Zone 7 irrigation is extended. No decision was made on what species would be planted in empty holes at other bougainvillea sites. Added Copperleaf should be planted to screen utility shed from N Heritage Cir.
In response to Committee priorities first raised on 6/07/18 and again in its last report, the Board president and treasurer refused to provide $156 for 60 bags of non-floatable durable pine bark mulch, nor funds for any of new shrubs in Committee’s detailed planting list of 6/07/18. Terry advised without details that the 2018 Board “has plans for the baseball field,” so that no new trees could be planted there. No decision was reached on removing 2 areca clumps, the stump under pool heaters, nor the stump from Irma-fallen tree at tot lot. Tammy stressed that managing one task at a time will be easier. Meeting was adjourned by 8 pm

Analysis of New Landscape

The 2018 Board’s priorities can be supported easily by the Landscape Advisory Committee. Because the Committee’s basic agenda of 5/21/18 will be essential to preserve the Association’s landscape assets, those tasks will simply be delayed into 2019. The Board’s priorities are not in conflict, but the time line is extended.
Since the open meeting of 8/27/18, Edward has installed 7-volt batteries in the two Rainbirds, much cheaper than separate back-up batteries, if his “fix” works. He promised to perform wet checks soon to reactivate and repair the two sprinkler systems. The tot lot has many more shrubs than can be used at mail room: 11 duranta sapphire showers, 2 Panama rose, 2 big Copperleaf, and root sections of big-leaf philodendron (mostera deliciosa). Some of these can be relocated elsewhere on clubhouse grounds to fill bed space, but sprinkler lines and tree roots restrict options severely. A few of the durable durantas can be placed where bougainvilleas will be removed at boat ramp and ball field; these two sites lack irrigation, and so must be assisted by hand-watering during their first dry season starting December. Other species cannot substitute for the clubhouse replacement items of 5 trinettes and 5 cherry hedge. These should proceed ASAP ($5 per 3-gal
Page 3, HLA Landscape Advisory Report for 9/06/18 Board meeting
plant, $5 to dig each hole = $100 est). We also must find a local vendor or young volunteer to dig the holes.
The Committee still recommends the planting of colorful and/or perennial 1-gal species at the clubhouse and family park as bed borders, e.g dwarf Taiwanese ixora, pentas, New Guinea impatiens, liriopes, cuphea (Mexican heather), dwarf crotons etc. that do not grow more than 15-inches tall.
Bruce reviewed the new Brightview contract. It’s amendable any time and has a strong kick-out clause for 22 cuts/year. First cut stretched over 12 days, including trash pick-up day, were troublesome, but its crews were polite and professional. Main issue is need for Board to notify all residents at least 3 days in advance for those who must open gates, secure pets, and clear debris.

Proposal for Pruning Hurricane Sensitive Trees at Holly Lake Parks, Sept 2018

Clubhouse West: large mahogany $60, 1 volunteer black olive $65, 3 sabal palms @ $30 schefflera $30 at NW 217 Terr bed; very large black olive north of picnic patio $90 (Total $335)
Clubhouse North: 2 big laurel oaks and 2 very large black olives @ $90 = $360, 1 seagrape $25, 1 acacia (beside seagrape) $65, 1 schefflera $30. (Total $545)
Clubhouse East: 2 queen palms @ $25 = $50, 2 very large black olives @ $90 = $180, 1 bischofia $60. (Total $290)
Boat Ramp: 2 queen palms @ $25 = $50, 5 melaleuca @ $35 = $175; 4 very large black olives @ $90 = $360, 1 large black olive $65, (Total $585)
Baseball Field: 2 large melaleuca @ $50 = $100; remove Brazilian pepper inside melaleuca clump $90, 2 very large black olives at SE corner = $180. (Total = $370)
Family Park: 4 large black olives @ $65 = $250.
214 Avenue 10-ft Strip: 18 very large black olive @ $90 = $1,620, 6 medium black olive @ $35 = $105, 3 small live oaks @ $25 = $75. (Total $1,800).

Total 66 trees after reassessment, estimated at $4,175 total, if Tree Works’ April pricing used, or $4,700 saved. All other trees were not counted, because Tree Work’s estimate #1045 included Federline’s black olives at south end of NW 214 Ave, and its “7 oak trees’ and “28 black olives” were undefined as to locations. After this “high priority” tree pruning, the Board and Committee will be better able to judge candidates for 2019. Some were pruned already in 2016-17. Others simply pose no significant risk of hurricane damage. A few are so ugly that we will want to remove them soon. “Hurricane cuts” for palms are not recommended by IFAS/CES.

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