Meeting Summary Jan 06 & 27 2020 Board Meetings

Elections December 27, 2019 were marred by Association’s attorney disallowing 91 limited-proxies, simply because the date on the form for the only possible Annual Meeting was expressed as a range (Dec 13 to 31, 2019). Otherwise eligible absent voters were stripped of their right to vote. The Voice objected in emails the next day, but on Dec 30 (next business day) LCAM Fabregas and president Terry Moody refused to allow the proxy-holders’ substitutes to vote as instructed by members who knew that they would not be able to attend our Annual Meeting and/or could not mail their absentee ballots to arrive at Property Keepers by deadline of 4 pm Dec 26, 2019. The use of limited proxies for board elections is protected by FS 720.306 (8-a) and Holly Lake’s By-laws Art. VII (Sec 02) and Art. X. Board president Moody told the Voice’s owner that he would have to file for DPBR arbitration to appeal per FS 720.306 (9-a) within 60 days.

All Board business was postponed until Jan 27, which featured a new rec hall lay-out to avoid the mayhem created by the aborted Nov 21, 2019 meeting to pass 3 new Covenant Amendments. The chair has a microphone and detail police will be present to keep order. All five officers were present. Without an advance agenda available to the 15 attendees, nobody spoke from the new podium. The Board approved without discussion its Minutes of Oct 3, Nov 11, Nov 22, and Jan 06; no copies were available for attendees. The Aug 8 and Sept 12, 2019 Board meetings still lack Minutes. You can find out what happened only through Summaries at this website. Julie Brito will begin updating the abandoned website in 2 weeks.

From the list of new infrastructure proposals presented by Julie Brito, topping $100-k, membership is due for a big monthly increase in dues (or special assessment) soon, as The Voice had warned in flyers. Cash Reserves at $184-k are healthy, because work has stopped since the Beautification Committee was dismantled last August. Yet much of these Reserves are earmarked already to later repair roof, A/C, etc. The major concern, pending from last April, is USPS desire to shut down our mail room. Replacing boxes with USPS-approved clusters in front of the mailroom may cost $ 70-k. Electric work is needed again at the family park pool. Clubhouse security cameras are under study; LCAM Fabregas stated that new ID machine to print ID cards will be ready by first of February. Board policies face potential adverse outcomes in 3 lawsuits. Present $64/month dues won’t be enough.

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