Meeting Summary Oct. 3rd 2019 Board Meeting

The Board cancelled its regular monthly meeting because 3 directors refused to attend. There was no open discussion permitted. No attempt was made to recess the session to achieve quorum, a normal procedure under Robert’s Rules. Special Board meet date (with required agenda) has not been posted for October, even though past Boards have invited members to attend our budget prep and presentation meetings. No Advisory Committee meetings have been announced since early September. No Minutes are available since July. New LCAM Jose Fabregas and 9 members attended.

The Voice owner hosted open discussion on Oct 15th to review election issues. Only a dozen members attended. Much past misunderstanding was reviewed. Treasurer Wyant said that she had no idea why $38,000 in fines were booked as income in July; it was Next Gen’s fault. Of course, the treasurer herself controls the manager, the budget, and presentation of our financials.

A common concern is how to prevent sexual predators from moving into Holly Lake. Methods range from basic criminal record checks and registrations for renters to costly and intrusive screening of anyone seeking title transfers (including buyers and even QCD’s among existing residents). The former may be possible now even without amending our Covenants. The latter, which is current practice authorized by this Board’s 5/30/18 recorded resolution, requires Covenant authority. The Voice consulted PPines PD to learn that sexual predators cannot reside legally anywhere in this City, unless they lived in same neighborhood before committing their crime. This means that all potential buyers and renters must be screened only as sex offenders via criminal records check, available online for $20 within 3 hours. The Covenant X Amendment proposal written by our attorney Otto recently is NOT necessary to keep our families safe from sex offenders.

Attendees also want to control abuses by renters and reduce rentals generally. Many methods exist, but some are impractical or illegal. Some will require a Covenant approval by 510 affirmative votes. So far, this Board, its advisory committee, and its attorney have failed to propose workable policies. Past Boards since 2015 haven’t provided leadership either. Perhaps, a 2020 Board can give these two issues the priority they deserve.

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