Meeting Summary Nov. 11th 2019 Board Meeting

Property Keepers has shifted monthly Board meetings from Thursdays to first Mondays. Our Nov 4th meeting at rec hall, 7 pm, was postponed suddenly by the roll-over Board until Nov 11th, Veterans Day, after failing to meet in October. Serious issues have surfaced regarding stewardship of HLA funds by treasurer Tammy Wyant, which she has refused to answer. She was protected from questions by LCAM Fabregas, who chaired the meeting. He denied attendees the right to speak for 3 minutes during the meeting on agenda items under discussion, in clear violation of FS 720.303(2-b).

LCAM Jose Fabregas on Nov 8th posted agenda on unofficial social media as “Discussion of Previously Imposed Fines.” The Board voted to cancel all fines for violations that itself had imposed for the past 2 years, and which the HLVoice had signaled as illegal on this website. Those who paid can expect refunds. Still in question is our attorney’s right to keep his legal fees. The problem now is how to cover the expected 2019 deficit. Treasurer Wyant had forecast a $8/month maintenance increase in June for 2020, before booking another $38,000 in fining income. Jose Fabregas indicated this unelected Board could hold its required open budget meeting after the Annual meeting in December, “in time to print the new payment coupons”. The goal may be to buy votes by forgiving all debts during the election campaign.

Clearly, responsible input from membership is NOT welcome. Property Keepers has not released our overdue September & October financials. Based on Next Gen’s last financials of 8/31/19, the Voice calculated a -$63,000 deficit, instead of treasurer Wyant’s official $63,000 “profit”! Cash adjustments that reduce reported income: $41,000 is illegal fines that must be returned, $38,000 in bad debt to be written off (based on receivables without payment plan and more than 90 days past due), $12,000 in attorney charge backs to HLA for fees now uncollectible from members with cancelled illegal fines, and $35,000 in net prepaid members’ dues that represent service obligations to the end of 2019. Holly Lakers could be facing a monthly fee increase of $11/month, not the $8/month forecasted in June.

Per Holly Lake’s by-laws (Art. VII, Sec 01, Art. X Sec 04), Nominations for 2020 Board were accepted at a November membership meeting, scheduled for Friday Nov 22nd, 2019 either with limited proxy or in person, per FS 720.306 (8-a). Despite illegal restrictions introduced in our 2006 Art. VII, repeated by Next Gen, residency for one year is no longer required, due to constitutional legal opinion established under FS 720.306 (9-a). Any member can nominate himself or herself, including those who live outside the park. Nominees cannot be felons nor delinquent in any bills to the Association before Nominations meeting is adjourned. Nominees included Terry Moody & Ed Batten for president, Louis Rivera and Julie Brito for vice-president, Tammy Wyant and Rolando Aguiar for treasurer, Kerrie Parker for recording secretary, and Nikki Cohen against Tony Migiliori for corresponding secretary. The elections were not formally posted  for Dec 27, Friday after Christmas, until Dec 6 at mailroom.

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