Meeting Summary May 28, 2020

As Broward lockdown orders eased, the Board canceled a meeting via teleconference on May 26 and opted instead for in-person meeting with face masks and social distancing on Thursday May 28 at 7 pm in rec hall. For 90 minutes, four officers were present (Migliori absent) with a dozen masked attendees. No agenda was provided in format that identifies old and new business items, allowing members to speak on each before the Board, as required by Roberts Rules, our Bylaws Article X, and FS 720.303 (Sec 2-b). However, discussion was permitted, as the Board addressed members’ concerns increasing since the prior legally announced meeting 3 months ago.

Tasks left pending further study include: grinding of large stump below tilted concrete pool equipment platform, removal of 2 abandoned boats on lake, forcing renters to register, pruning of trees at 4 mini-parks prior to hurricane season, hiring of admin assistant for LCAM Fabregas, hiring of a maintenance guy or on-call service to assist our maintenance woman Renee with special projects. President Moody read letter from City vice-mayor Iris Siple, explaining limits to cure drainage problems that alarmed members after recent record rains. The Board asked the Manager to provide a check list of progress and problems every Monday.

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