Meeting Summary June 6th 2019 Board Meeting

The June 06 meeting began 15 minutes late without published agenda nor sign-up sheet for comments from only 10 attendees. Sandy Dunne and our maintenance man Junior Acevado noted problems at the pools. Mag locks must be fixed, all gates are still without spring closures to prevent risk to small unsupervised children wandering in, the 12 new chairs to be delivered for clubhouse pool a month ago had not arrived, another camera is needed to stop vandalism at family pool, and new magnetic gate cards approved 2 months ago were never delivered. The summer pool attendant will be posted 20 hours/week (on week-ends but not Tues/Weds). Several members who had volunteered for Advisory Committees asked why no meetings had been called during 2019 by the Board-appointed chairmen.

Our lawn service quit on 4/27/19 due apparently to assaults and verbal abuse by frustrated residents on 4/24. For the prior 2 months, as reported here in the Voice, we had received NO advance notice as to when Tropic Star’s crew would cut our grass. Those with fenced backyards have no chance to “open gates and clear debris.” Instead of identifying abusers, the Board’s solution is to stop service to ALL fenced lots via new Rules & Regs to be passed at its Special meeting on Monday July 02 at 7 pm, postponed because once again, Next Gen failed to mail out notices in time. By law, homeowners must receive a copy with minimum 14-day notice. The Board will also add another Rule # 11 to “levy fines and/or suspension of services and/or amenities” against any “lot owner, tenant or resident or their “guests, visitors and agents” for any behavior or act intended to “annoy, pester, harrass, abuse, mistreat or interfere with any Board director” or Association contractor/vendor/agent. Manager Sajdak admitted that Rule #11 will apply to ALL situations under her or Board’s control, not just abuse of lawn cutters. How does the Board plan to collect fines from tenants, family members, or their guests? Who decides “intent”? Annoying or pestering, however unwelcome, is verbal behavior, not physical abuse. This Rule is aimed to curb protected free speech and legitimate demands for required services by us homeowners. A fine can always lead to a lien on our properties.

On June 6th, the Board also voted 3-0 to spend $16,300 plus permit costs for “A&A Playground”to replace play equipment at the tot lot instead of repairing it for $10,000. Sidewalk repairs were approved for another $4,257 to “Florida Sidewalk Solutions.” The meeting ended with 3-0 vote to close the gym at 10 pm, because the PPines detail cops refuse to stay on site after 11 pm. Manager Sajdak urged that we replace rather than repair our two pool heaters, now 11 years old, a likely $12,000 project. The proposed mailbox cluster at the baseball field may cost $30,000. Treasurer Wyant suggested $8/month increase in our maintenance fees to pay for these projects.

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