Meeting Summary July 18th 2019 Board Meeting

The Board postponed its next monthly meeting to July 18, because the usual first Thursday is our Glorious 4th. The Board wants to introduce changes to Holly Lake’s Covenants needed to remove the bowling alley as a required amenity and legalize its restrictive screening policy for new residents. Both Amendments require approval by 2/3 of membership or about 515 affirmative votes. The bowling alley in the closed clubhouse convenience store cannot be maintained economically; its removal should be supported. This Board’s unprecedented screening policy is pointless, causing harm to all Holly Lakers who need to sell or lease their homes or even transfer titles among family members. As detailed above on this page, we are now forced to pay $1,000 fines and waive constitutional rights to appeal, if any title transfer is recorded before the Board grants its approval, an act that itself damages nobody. Such over-reach must be opposed. Treasurer Wyant has booked $38,000 in fines, just in the month of July.

The Board will also ask for Amendments to our By-laws that require only a majority that includes at least 10% (78) of eligible members. Indeed, our outdated By-laws need to be repaired per the “2017 Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws Changes” posted under the “FL Laws” drop-down at top of this page. But instead, per drafts released by Board, the 2 proposed By-laws changes are of no consequence, failing to correct internal contradictions and conflict with Florida’s statutory HOA reforms since 2010. The Governing Documents Reform Committee on July 9 and 24th questioned the entire project, estimated to cost over $2,000 in postage. Mailings to members for vote will be delayed until October. Readers are encouraged to email the Voice ( with their concerns or comments for Committee review.

In addition, the Association’s attorney, Charlie Otto, held a Q & A session at the clubhouse, July 31st with 20 members attending. His proposed Covenant changes fortify Board power to control use of our homes to a degree not seen in neighboring HOA’s nor in Holly Lake’s history. Mr. Otto promised to revise clauses based on feedback, but no future Q&A has been scheduled as of mid Sept. Eager to avoid legal challenges, the 2019 Board will decide in secret as to what proposals Holly Lakers will be allowed to consider.

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