Meeting Summary Feb 25 & March-April-2020

Meeting began with votes to replace clubhouse pool chlorinator motor for $250 and 2 camera battery packs for $309. A lengthy discussion without vote followed regarding need to add outside storage space, which was later deemed unnecessary. Another give & take with attendees ensued over future use of closed convenience store space. Board seems open to well-formulated ideas. Critical consensus was reached on location and design for new mailboxes: bolted to 2 outside walls of clubhouse. Cost with labor could be as high as $70,000. LCAM Fabregas was told to investigate.
Vice-president Brito complained that crime was increasing, while detail cops failed to patrol streets. President Moody admitted that detail cops won’t work after 11 pm, which is when burglars are known to patrol on foot. The contracted towing company was instructed to tow any cars parked overnight in Association lots after 2 am.
Misusing Florida’s State of Emergency declaration as applied to HOA’s, the Board refused to hold online meetings required by our By-laws in March and April. Zoom, Skype, GoTo and other low-cost teleconferencing apps are now used during Covid crisis by condos, HOA’s, colleges, and private firms with great success. Instead, the Association will continue to operate in total secrecy; any of its decisions, if challenged, can be voided later. Due to recent change in FS 720, HOA Boards can no longer vote online; emails between directors to decide Holly Lake business are no longer private, even under Covid-19 emergency order. It can cancel meetings only to reconvene them per by-laws with measures to include presence of ordinary members.
As indicator of the deep distain with which this 2020 Board disregards the membership it is obligated to serve, the cancellations were announced only on NextDoor, a social media site that excludes a majority of Holly Lake homeowners. On April 14, Nextdoor blog revealed that our Board and LCAM Jose Fabregas now withhold documents from elected vice-president Brito.

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