Meeting Summary Dec 13th 2019 Board Meeting

Board held surprise “Information” meeting on Friday Dec 13 at 6:30 pm to answer questions posed by The Voice’s flyer to residents, distributed a week earlier, warning of potential monthly fee increase. On short 48-hour notice, only 3 officers and 12 members attended. No excuse existed to hold back 2020 Budget in secrecy for 2 months. Now too late to hold open meetings, so that we members can state our priorities, this lazy, arrogant trio of Board officers will “extend” its 2019 Budget for another year. Never mind all their unfinished projects nor obligations pending from their aborted illegal fines. Passed on 11/01/18 within 26 seconds and without any member input permitted, the 2019 (now 2020) Budget Proposal can only be found in “News” banner drop-down on this website.

Discussion on the Board’s Covenant proposals was lively. As president Moody promised at the Nov 21 meeting, a Spanish courtesy translation is being prepared, and future attempts to secure passage will feature the option to vote individually on each of 3 Covenant Amendments. Everyone is in favor of Covenant Seven that deletes bowling alley and pool tables, as proposed by the 2017 Board. Covenant Ten features intrusive & costly screening for ALL title transfers of our homes, the major investment for most Holly Lakers. A $25 criminal background check would be sufficient to protect us from sex offenders and felons. Proxy votes already cast are good for another 60 days.

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