Meeting Summary August 25, 2020

Four officers (Tony Migliori absent) spent 77 minutes with face masks at the clubhouse rec hall discussing and approving motions that were backlogged for 2 more months, after the July 28 meeting was cancelled. Our by-laws require regular Board meetings every month. The prior LCAM Fabregas had E-blasted lies against this website to justify the Board’s July vacation, falsely claiming that a “new” Broward Covid edict had limited HOA meetings to 10 members. In fact, the Covid restriction had remained at 49 or 50% of our rec hall capacity. Eleven masked members listened quietly to the Board debates on how the physical appearance of Holly Lake can be approved.
Unmentioned were the long-standing mailbox crisis and pending pre-suit mediation to resolve refusal by the Board’s attorney to accept limited-proxy voting, his continued illegal and predatory screening practices, and Property Keepers’ illegal screening fees.

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