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Holly Lake Landscape Advisory Committee Agenda — 7 pm, club house May 21, 2018
1= Roll Call & Invitation for New members
2= Review of Past Inquiries with SBDD, FNGLA, SFWMD, & Next Gen

3= HLA Immediate Landscape Tasks to July 21 (60 days)
3-a= Compiling Replant list of trees, shrubs, species, cost and locations
3-b= Contract for purchase of replacement trees & shrubs in 4 mini-parks
3-c= Corrective Pruning & Fertilizing all shrubs in 4 mini-parks
3-d= Planting new & replacement shrubs during rainy season
3-e= Review of Normili lawn contract service schedule for parks
3-f= Reset of Rainbirds and wet checks to identify links in irrigation zones at club house and family parks

4= Policy Concerns and Landscape Goals for 2018
4-a= Compliance with PPines mitigation obligations and Tree Code
4-b= Redesign of club house irrigation system, new feeder lines to new trees at family park
4-c= Extension of Advisory Committee outreach to residents’ homes, either via HOA Rules & Regs Compliance, Code Enforcement or Recognition.
4-d= Budget revisions to include lake or additional initiatives, e.g. fountain, flag pole lighting, benches, staged planting of beds of annuals.
5= Procedure for Votes, Member coordination, report to Board

Minutes of 5/21/18 Landscape Advisory Committee & Results to 6/07/18

The detail cop did not show up to unlock the clubhouse door at 7 pm, but treasurer Tammy Wyant offered to open up at 7:08 pm and stayed for about 8 minutes. Bobby Benitez and Bruce Michener were joined by Tess Jenkins; Kerrie Parker and Nikki Cohen were absent. While Board treasurer was present, we discussed Agenda points, focusing on 3-c and 3-d. Tammy offered a few hours of Edward Sanz’ time to collect any trimmings with our golf cart for delivery to the clubhouse dumpster. We decided to let police investigate evidence of homeless campsite hidden underneath overgrown shrubs at “Holly Lake” sign at baseball field; the TREX bike may be stolen. Bruce briefly reviewed relevant information previously shared with the Board, secured from South Broward Drainage District, FNGLA (nursery grower & landscape association), the South Florida Water Management District and Next Gen and offered catalog resources available. The Committee then discussed the Agenda’s split between 6 tasks to finish by late July and 4 ideas to present to the Board during the remainder of 2018. Vote to accept the Agenda items was 3-0. Bobby offered to cut back old shrubs and Brazilian pepper at mini-parks; Bruce offered to prepare lists of (1) trees to be pruned now by an arborist, (2) an initial list of shrubs and trees to be replanted ASAP, and (3) write Rainbird reset instructions for Edward. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm. Results were reported to Kathryn.

Heavy rains continued until 5/23, when Bobby and Bruce began cleaning the baseball field bed, removing 4 weed trees. We will need to return with a larger saw to prune back taller fire bush and Jamaican croton by another 3 feet, add 2 sacks of pine bark mulch, and remove the huge duranta gold dust uprooted by Irma. If Next Gen is not successful in getting F-DOT to remove the fallen jacaranda by US-27 canal, Bobby has offered to chop it up for removal to dumpster. We continued on 5/25 at boat ramp, but because many shrubs were planted at water’s edge (to survive without irrigation), the high lake level must drop first. A week later, Tess Jenkins trimmed back all the hedges and removed her trimmings. The cherry hedges need to be maintained at lower height, perhaps 4-feet, to see who is parking at boat ramp. Tess has offered to buy and plant another 20 feet of hedge for west side of NW 7 ST entrance, to keep visitors on sidewalks, avoiding damage to her adjacent property.

At the family park, we pruned lightly around the fences and removed weeds; more Brazilian pepper must be removed at tot lot fence. Suckers and volunteer weed trees must still be removed from black olive shading the playground. Shrubs and trees were hand-fertilized with 180-day CR Nutricote. Helen Moran, who lives across from handball court on NW 4 PL, joined us on site. She later replaced our old volleyball net. We suggest a low C/L fence (proposed for past 3 years) to keep handballs from bouncing across the street. After Memorial Day, Bruce began corrective pruning of club house shrubs at the far west bed on NW 217 Terr. Irma damage remains there: a fallen tree to remove and clusia tree to be uprighted. After pruning, each shrub is fertilized. East of club house, except for corrective pruning of trinettes, not much is needed beyond hand-weeding and fertilizing. Reconditioning bougainvillea around pool pump cannot proceed until Board finishes concrete footings related to pump shelter. As of 6/07, the Committee has identified lost landscape items that need to be replaced now by professional installers to take advantage of rainy season. This prelim list includes shrubs lost to vandalism and drought or cold, plus PPines Code standards for 6 shade trees (large palms too costly).
Preliminary List of HLA Landscape Replantings for 2018

Plants are not immortal. Replacement should be routinely budgeted. HLA was fortunate to have 6 dozen shrubs donated during 2017, but going forward, we have to pay. As of 6/07/18, the Committee has identified the following as priority with a high-end price estimates if bought at local retail/wholesale nurseries. At least 15 small nurseries in SW Ranches compete to offer good value along west Sheridan, 185 Way, Griffin and north Dykes Roads. Generally, chain stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart should be avoided; their stock is over-priced, often in poor condition, and species offered may not even be adapted to challenges of south Florida climate. The Board can contract a nursery, lawn service or individual consolidator to buy and deliver these items. As an alternative, with an advance budget, the Committee can buy plants as specified by the Board. Many substitutes exist for species recommended here, depending on your taste, budget, and availability in Broward.

Normal cost to dig holes and plant is $5 per 3-gal pot, $14 for 7-gal pot and $30 for 15-gal. Volunteers might offer to dig, but planting at Holly Lake is difficult due to rock-fill soil. Tree roots and irrigation lines, especially at club house, obstruct sites where shrubs could be planted. Electrical and cable lines must be marked, although most are buried deeper than 10” to 21” depths of holes. Pots bigger than 15-gal are too heavy for amateurs to handle; expect to pay $90-$110 for 45-gal tree hole. Except for certain species of palms, field-grown or B&B (ball & burlap) trees must be avoided, because HLA is not equipped to manage post-plant watering needed to assure survival.

At club house: 6 acalypha wilkesiana (Copperleaf) 7-gal, same varieties as those planted at north side of basketball court. Available from Parrish Nursery, about $25. We must replace ficus hedge removed around 2 sides of storage shed 4 years ago. The shed must be screened; 7-gal size will grow fast to 6-feet required by Code. Copperleaf is hardy and will regrow even if burned to ground by drought or freeze.

4 croton Petra 7-gal in Zone 03 bed along NW 7 ST, to replace those toasted when irrigation was cut off. $25 each, many sources.
5 more eugenia uniflora a/k/a “cherry hedge” 3-gal, about $5 each from Valdez Nursery, to fill holes of existing hedges at both parking lots.
3 to 5 hibiscus sinensis for west side of club house, perhaps south side of pool, 3-gal for $6, 5-gal for $10. These were planted on HLA properties until about 14 years ago, when plague of foreign pink mealybug resulted in quarantines. Those planted at family park in 2008 have survived nicely. Many colors available at Parrish and along north Dykes RD.
5 arboricola trinettes 3-gal at $4 each to replace those lost in beds.

14 pentas and/or New Guinea impatiens 1-gal at $2.50 each for 3 bed borders fronting NW 7 ST. These only last 2 years before needing replacement but provide needed floral color under tree shade.
Total priority shrub budget $350 for clubhouse.

At ball field park: This site is NOT irrigated, so only drought-resistant species can be considered. Those that have grown successfully there are dwarf fire bush, bougainvillea, lantana, clusia, and arboricolas, When assisted by heavy rains or hand-watering from our golf cart, we have established Queen Emma crinum lily, Jamaican croton, Copperleaf, silver buttonwood, and small palms. We only lost 2 crinum lilies 7-gal, 3 fire bush 3-gal, and one clusia 7-gal, all due to vehicles at parking lot. All 6 items available at Parrish for total $90 cost. We suggest adding 3-gal 2 bouganvilleas and 2 trinettes along north side by C/L outfield fence for another $35.

The major ball park issue is turf damage from “donut vandals”, first from SUV on May 05, 2017 in SE corner and now (last week) in center of old baseball diamond from ATV. Quote from Valdez shows that all-in cost to smooth out heavy ruts, add new soil and replace sod selectively will be $1/sq. foot. I estimate about 8,000 ft2 or $8,000 of such damage, although it may be less. Therefore, the Board needs to consider a long-term development plan for the baseball field. Past proposals to turn it over to PPines for public exercise park or gravel it for RV parking were unpopular with most HLA members. The default Committee recommendation is to continue to improve it as recreation area attractive for youth as baseball field, adding a soccer pitch on NE side. However, the turf will need to be repaired first. We could also propose design for new trees or benches to attract dog walkers and fishing in the 2 canals. We await direction from the 2018 Board. The park has been wasted space ever since City stopped maintaining it.

At boat ramp: Also not irrigated, so species choices for landscaped beds are limited. Only replant needs are two thryallis (aka galphimia gracilis) 3-gal at $5 or tecoma stans “gold star” at $8, plus 4 trinettes 3-gal at $5 = $30 total.

At family park: Few shrubs needed now, due to replantings a year ago. Suggest waiting until new picnic shelter is finished before planting shrubs along fence lines near it.
Priority List of Trees to Replant Now

PPines Tree Code requires Holly Lake to replace trees that died or were damaged by storms. The 2017 Landscape Committee had been in contact with arborist Granda to secure the most flexible terms to follow his recommendations. We had planted 11 trees of 25 & 45-gal size a year ago to comply with TR-2016-05. Now in planting season again, we must decide where to plant 5 or 6 shade trees of similar size. They do not have to be same species nor at same site; I’ve already negotiated parameters with PPines via 20+ emails; details provided as wanted. But mitigation trees must be guaranteed “Florida # 1” grade. If the species is not included in PPines current approved tree list, then we must check with Granda first. Moreover, the City prefers natives with maximum shade. Unlike shrubs, Broward nurseries ship in from Palm Beach or Miami-Dade; few are grown in pots here. Therefore, suppliers are limited; A&D on North Sheridan (aka Tropical Touch) has the most experience and had quoted planting with 90-day guarantee for $150 extra. Freund of Miami-Dade provided the 11 trees planted before and still has inventory and transport at same prices. Figure $500 for most species 45-gal planted. For just a few trees, we are buying at retail prices. Let me know your preference for species.

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