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New Board Fining Policy

After reappointing themselves by denying all other candidates the right to run, the 2019 Board ramped up its efforts to collect $1,000 fines plus legal fees after first notice, denying due process, just for innocent failures to follow illegal rules. After legal challenges, they need to return the booty.


Rigged Elections

Our Board and Next Gen maintain control by deceit, blocking eligible nominees, ignoring Roberts’ Rules at meetings, jiggering accounts, and failing to properly advertise our annual elections to members.


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Track Board’s record in maintaining Association landscaping and providing lawn service to our homes.

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2019-20 Holly Lake Pembroke Pines Board Meetings

Jan. 6 & 27 Board Meetings

  • No motions nor reports at Transition Meeting required in our By-laws for first week of January. LCAM Fabregas decided to drop the public oath normally taken by officers to uphold our governing documents and Florida Statutes. On 3-day notice, a Special Board meeting is held Jan 27.

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Dec. 13th Board Meeting

  • On 48 hours notice, the Board hosted its “Information” meeting at the rec hall, 6:30 pm Friday 13, to shift blame to former Manager Next Gen for its lack of progress. The Board’s preference for total secrecy is a more likely cause. Tammy Wyant had failed to present a 2020 budget in open meeting to membership in October, as required in our By-laws. Instead, the Board refused to hold any open meeting in October. The 3 Covenant proposals were discussed. Election rules will include simple limited proxies as alternative to tricky “double envelope” mail-in ballots. Members were just starting to receive absentee ballot package with candidate bio’s mailed a week earlier

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This is a feature of our site that asks questions of the Holly Lake Pembroke Pines Community to find out how the community feels about issues. Please post your comments. You must be registered first as true Holly Lake resident with name and street address.

What The Board Failed to Tell You

We strive to keep Holly Lake residents fully informed about what is happening in their community. Too often we find information that is important to residents but is unreported or in error on the Board’s small and outdated website managed by Next Gen. We will post information as we discover it to keep you informed.

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Using the Holly Lake rec hall is free for residents

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