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New Board Fining Policy

After reappointing themselves by denying all other candidates the right to run, the 2019 Board ramped up its efforts to collect $1,000 fines plus legal fees after first notice, denying due process, just for innocent failures to follow ILLEGAL RULES. After legal challenges, they need to return the booty.


Rigged Elections

Our Board and Property Keepers maintain control by deceit, blocking eligible nominees, ignoring Roberts’ Rules at meetings, jiggering accounts, and failing to properly advertise our annual elections to members.


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Track Board’s record in maintaining Association landscaping and providing lawn service to our homes.

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2019-20 Holly Lake Pembroke Pines Board Meetings

Nov. 30, 2020 Board Meeting

  • After failing to inform members that they could nominate themselves for the 2021 Board, so that 11/24/20 Membership meeting failed to meet quorum, the next day the Board proceeded to call the Annual meeting on just 2 weeks notice (instead of 3-weeks last year) without mailing quorum proxies, hoping to roll-over again, as Terry and the Wyants engineered in both 2016 and 2018, with help from the Manager. In between both Membership meetings, all four officers met on 11/30/20 to approve worthy projects for new 2021 budget, itself still kept secret from the public.

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Oct. 27, 2020 Board Meeting

  • Julie Brito was hounded into resigning, and Tony Migliori never bothers to attend, so the now 3-women Board met with LCAM loCicero to hammer out the 2021 budget. After much discussion and support from 17 attendees, they decided to increase monthly dues by $6 to $70 per single lot in order to meet critical obligations. Major projects like repurposing the bowling alley space or replacing mailboxes to meet new USPS demands are not included.

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Sept. 24, 2020 Board Meeting

  • President Moody began the meeting as her campaign rally against vice-president Brito, then her potential rival for the 2021 Board, over the bogus issue of permits needed to stucco homes. In fact, the Association lacks Covenant authority and specific published criteria to enforce ANY decorative modifications. After 25 minutes of shouting from alarmed residents, the Board returned to real business. Motions were passed 4-0 (secretary Migliori absent again) to not fine stucco homes, to reseal the leaky clubhouse roof for $31,620 and completely rehab the basketball court for $13,000.

    Left unanswered were members’ complaints regarding cars left parked on sidewalks and the rejection of 91 limited-proxy votes at the last Annual meeting, 12/27/19. Manager loCicero passed out a few copies of the Association’s outside CPA 2019 Review, which is inexplicably delayed by 5 months. The report shows a 30% drop in net income from Holly Lake’s 12/31/19 financials as reported by Property Keepers. The Board failed to approve it in open session.

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August 25, 2020 Board Meeting

  • After missing July’s required meeting, the Board made a dozen motions to approve appearance of our community. Property Keepers has replaced LCAM Jose Fabregas with Philip loCicero. Tree pruning will proceed under $5,865 bid from our lawn service Matteo’s. Two more bids will be collected for clubhouse roof resealing. Powercom will return to fix the basketball court lights.

    The Board authorized reopening the pool and gym daily for 8 hours yet later accepted 4 hours on weekdays only. Property Keepers provided Charlin as of Sept 21, a new maintenance man under its contract for 20 hours/week, who will also serve another 20 hours/week as pool attendant, 1 pm to 5 pm. LCAM loCicero was hired for another 4 hours/week on site to restart pursuit of neglected property violations.

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June 30, 2020 Board Meeting

  • All 5 directors and 11 attendees were masked for June’s required Board meeting. Future meetings will be scheduled normally for last Tuesday of each month. Fifty minutes were spent on Old Business, because progress on projects from May have stalled: critical roof repair, a 3rd roof drain, hiring of pool attendant and rules to re-open club house pool (family pool will remain closed), tree pruning in mini-parks, removal of 2 tree stumps, dead security cameras at both pools, and placement of new mailboxes outside club house to meet USPS demands. Only 2 motions, 5-0, for New Business: rejecting City engineers’ proposal to build Pines Blvd extension across US 27 for a southern exit into Holly Lake at NW 217 Terrace and waiving of past 3 months’ $10 late fees due to Covid. Audio MP3 recordings of the meetings are now available to members by contacting vice-president Brito at 754-715-0727. LCAM Fabregas is now on duty at clubhouse office 4-6 pm Tuesdays and 9-11 am Fridays. (masks required).

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May 28, 2020 Board Meeting

  • After 3 months of making secret decisions without legally-noticed meetings, Holly Lake’s Board agreed to try teleconferencing on May 26. But Broward lockdown orders eased, allowing in-person meetings with social distancing and face masks on Thursday May 28, 7 pm at the club house rec hall. Residents have been abandoned, their amenities denied, for 3 months. LCAM Fabregas had signed contracts on emergency basis for $7,000 in club house roof repairs and $735 for new pool pump, but work has yet to start. The Board voted to open the club house pool on June 7th for the summer, 10 am to 5 pm under State pandemic rules that require a pool attendant to enforce face masks, 6-foot distancing, and occupancy limited to 11 (50% capacity). The gym, sauna, and family park pool will remain closed.

    The Board failed to pursue recovery of documented $13,419 overcharge by former lawn service Tropic Star, because its owners, the Lamborns, might complain to other landscape firms and “give Holly Lake a bad reputation.” Yet Matteo’s, the current lawn service, is willing to renew its contract at same $4,750/cut for a 2nd year. Vice-president Brito at 754-715-0727 can provide information on opportunities to serve on Advisory Committees for Landscaping, Beautification, and Documents Reform.

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Feb. 25 Board Meeting & March-April

  • Board discussions with attendees defined fate of several big future expenditures. Outside storage failed, design and placement of new mailboxes (demanded by USPS) succeeded, and future use of old convenience store space remained undecided. The Board voted on minor repairs and discussed failed 5-year warranty of leaking clubhouse roof. LCAM Fabregas has been citing homeowners for violations, especially for failure to get architectural changes approved, even though the Association currently lacks any objective criteria to enforce such fines. Rather than use any of the popular low-cost internet platforms during Covid-19 crisis to hold required March and April meetings, the Board opted to cancel them.

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Jan. 6 & 27 Board Meetings

  • No motions nor reports at Transition Meeting required in our By-laws for first week of January. LCAM Fabregas decided to drop the public oath normally taken by officers to uphold our governing documents and Florida Statutes. On 3-day notice, a Special Board meeting is held Jan 27.

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Dec. 13th Board Meeting

  • On 48 hours notice, the Board hosted its “Information” meeting at the rec hall, 6:30 pm Friday 13, to shift blame to former Manager Next Gen for its lack of progress. The Board’s preference for total secrecy is a more likely cause. Tammy Wyant had failed to present a 2020 budget in open meeting to membership in October, as required in our By-laws. Instead, the Board refused to hold any open meeting in October. The 3 Covenant proposals were discussed. Election rules will include simple limited proxies as alternative to tricky “double envelope” mail-in ballots. Members were just starting to receive absentee ballot package with candidate bio’s mailed a week earlier

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Studio 18 in the Pines showcases compelling and innovative artwork, and serves the community by presenting varied exhibitions, workshops and events at the studio year round. Studio 18 is currently accepting artwork submissions for future exhibits [Read More]

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HOA - Condo Assoc. Contact Info Required

Per Ordinance 1544, the City of Pembroke Pines requires all Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations to designate an officer to be an emergency contact person, requiring all Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations to [Read More]

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